Ashwas Benevolent Fund

Society shall maintain a Benevolent fund namely “ASHWAS BENEVOLENT FUND” for the benefit for poor and marginalized people in the society. The beneficiaries shall be mainly individuals who are in need of support for education, meeting hospital expenses or other such cases which needs humanitarian considerations.

Fund: A corpus fund will be formed from the contribution from members and the same shall be deposited in the District Co-operative Bank as a Fixed Deposit. The interest of this fund will form the “Ashwas Benevolent Fund'. Outside organizations/individuals, or other social bodies, can also contribute in this fund. Members can also contribute as per their will as a gesture of their social commitment and responsibility. A part of society's profit will also be apportioned to this fund.

Beneficiaries: The beneficiaries of this fund shall be

  • Individuals from the marginalized sections of the society who are in need of financial assistance for educational or medical needs.
  • Medical benefit shall be extended to those who are suffering from serious illness/diseases like cancer, kidney problem, heart problem, etc. Loss of body organs due to accident, sudden & premature death of the lone earning member of a family, etch shall also be considered.
  • The financial assistance at present is limited to a maximum amount of Rs.25,000/- per person. Board of Directors can review this and take appropriate decisions in discerning cases and also in time to time.
  • Preference shall be given to the members from the 'Below Poverty Line'
  • Board of Directors can decide on its own to provide financial support to other Govt. run charitable organizations, hospitals for medicine supply etc even if there no written request from the party.
  • Society can join with BPCL –Kochi Refinery also in its CSR activities especially in health care and educational areas.


Application: Application for availing financial assistance from this fund shall be provided by the society office, free of cost. Documents like identification proof, income certificate, medical certificate, etc will have to be submitted along with the application.

Any payment from this Fund shall be at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Society.

The disbursement or the use of fund shall be as per the sub rules approved by the Joint Registrar.